KG Assistant Fixed Term Contract

Vacancy Ref : 40017


Closing Date: 24/08/2021

Pay & Contract
£18,393.00 Salary
Contract Type: Permanent/Full Time

Job description
The primary focus of this post is to support the Kindergarten Teacher and provide
afternoon sessions for a small group of children with another assistant.
The following will be the main areas of activity:
● To support the teacher in carrying a group of around 16 children 3-7 years old,
helping them to cope in a social setting and with a rhythmically structured
morning. (from 8.20/8.30am to 12.20/12.30pm)
● To help the teacher prepare the teaching space and resources.
● To become familiar with our way of working with young children, with the school's
and the Early Years department's policies and procedures, and to use them to
work through routine events and challenges.
● To provide afternoon sessions for a small group of children from 1.15pm to
● To meet with the teacher weekly and to attend such training sessions (e.g. 1st
aid) as may be thought necessary by the school.
● To be willing to work with the school's peer appraisal and review process and with
regular visits from a Fellowship advisor.
● To become able and willing to provide cover in the case of teacher absences.