Class Teacher

Vacancy Ref : 40015


Closing Date: 04/09/2021

Pay & Contract
£21,500.00 to £25,000.00 Salary
Contract Type: Permanent/Full Time

Class Teacher, Immediate Start

Job Description & Person Specification

Issue: Version 1, December 2018


South Devon Steiner School

South Devon Steiner School is an independent, progressive and expanding Waldorf school, situated in the rural South Hams area of Devon, UK.


The school stands in generous and beautiful grounds, including a biodynamic garden, providing a rich and natural environment for students to explore, discover and learn. Facilities include a Grade Two Listed manor house and a newly built sustainable College building. South Devon is a lively school with an active community built of students, staff and parents. The school has approximately 200 home students aged 3 – 19 years.


Job Description

South Devon Steiner School is looking to recruit an experienced Steiner Waldorf teacher with a proven track record of good classroom management, Class 3. The successful candidate will have a passion for education, a deep sense of age appropriate boundaries and how to uphold them, and a firm and fair approach.


The primary focus of this post is to teach and hold a Steiner Waldorf class from Class 3 through to Class 8, working with the teaching and rhythm of the Steiner Waldorf curriculum.

After taking the class through to the end of class 8, the candidate can expect to be considered for the next Class 1 after Class 8 has been completed.


The candidate appointed will be a suitably qualified Steiner Waldorf teacher with a proven track record of classroom management experience or will be able to otherwise demonstrate the ability to firmly hold the class in an age-appropriate way.


The successful candidate will be a good team-worker, keen to work with colleagues in the continued development of the school and the curriculum, and willing to engage in the life of the school whilst at the same time maintaining a necessary sense of personal boundaries.


Punctuality, reliability and good levels of organization are required for this post.

Safeguarding training and first aid training would be advantageous.


Main Responsibilities

  1. To be responsible for any class assigned to you according to the relevant policies, rules and regulations including the Independent School Standards, The Equality Act, Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Anti-Bullying, Behaviour, SEND etc. and the school’s specific approaches in any particular aspect as detailed in the relevant policies;
  2. To teach the Steiner Waldorf curriculum including:
    1. The main lesson (generally two hours per day): A lesson is generally 40 minutes long and the main lesson is therefore counted as three lessons.
    2. Additional subject lessons (including teaching subject lessons to other classes).
    3. The total number of lessons to be taught is not fixed but can be expected to average about 25 per week.
  3. To take overall responsibility for the class, including:
    1. Supervising, managing and assessing the pupils;
    2. Liaising with colleagues and parents;
    3. Organising and supervising the class’s participation in trips, festivals and other activities;
    4. Record keeping, in accordance with statutory and school requirements;
    5. Management of the classroom environment;
    6. Participating in the admissions process for new pupils.
  4. To attend teacher and staff meetings as detailed below.
  5. To participate in providing cover for absent colleagues.
  6. To participate in providing break-time supervision.
  7. To support the school’s aims and ethos.
  8. To undertake appropriate preparation, study and training as necessary both for the effective delivery of the curriculum and to advance the school’s ethos, principles and objectives.
  9. Additional work contribution (beyond specific teaching related activities) will be requested to meet the general school carrying element of the contract; this will be negotiated according to individual strengths and interests.
  10. To be aware of the school’s policies and procedures and to support their implementation.


General Requirements

All staff are expected:

  1. To attend teacher and staff meetings as defined below.
  2. To participate in providing cover for absent colleagues, where appropriate.
  3. To participate in providing some break-time supervision.
  4. To support the school's ethos, principles and objectives and to comply with the school's policies and procedures (as per Terms and conditions).
  5. To undertake appropriate preparation, study and training as necessary both for the effective delivery of the curriculum and to advance the school’s work.